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New Tube Trains on the Isle of Wight

New Tube Trains on the Isle of Wight

The Island Line has reopened with new old Tube Trains! Closed at the beginning of January 2021, when the old 1938 stock trains came to an end, the line reopened on November 1st 2021 with the new Class 484 ‘D Stock’ trains that have come from the Underground District Line, converted by Vivarail, and so […]

Color Photos Capture England at Work and Play, 1928 [33 Photos]

In the late 1920s and early 1930s, photographer Clifton R. Adams was commissioned by the National Geographic to document life in England. Adams’ beautiful autochromes—a process of producing color images by using potato starch—present images that capture the last of an England that was slowly heading towards modernity. 1. The Chief Warder, a Coldstream Guardsmen, […]

Barnes Takeout: Art Talk on Dr. Barnes’s Pretzel Tankard

Bring your own tankard! Join Amy Gillette, collections research associate, in exploring the ceremonial art of German bakers’ guilds. When you’re back #seeingtheBarnes in person, look for this pretzel tankard in Room 11 of our galleries. About Barnes Takeout: Your Daily Serving of Art In short videos, Barnes curators, scholars, and educators present off-the-cuff musings […]

Loss of the S. S. Titanic | Lawrence Beesley | Memoirs, Modern (20th C) | Sound Book | 1/3

https://gobalex.click/The-1619-Project-AUDIOBOOK https://rumble.com/register/GOBALEX/ https://gobalex.click/AUDIOBOOK-CATALOG-READ-BY-JENNIFER-JILL-ARAYA https://gobalex.click/PRO-BIKE-TOOL Clicks from you, the listeners or readers of these lines, are essential, and it’s clear why. What’s important is another thing: If you’re here and reading this, why wouldn’t you click? But YOU don’t click? Why? https://gobalex.click/3-FREE-AUDIOBOOKS-AND-MORE https://gobalex.click/CATALOGS_AUDIOBOOKS https://gobalex.click/audiobiblion Audiobooks have many benefits for listeners and audiobook lovers. Here are some […]

#JetSuit #TakeOnGravity #RichardmBrowning British Royal Navy Jet Suit Boarding @ Maritime Operation

#JetSuit #TakeOnGravity #RichardmBrowning Subscribe: Jet suit developer Gravity Industries has joined forces with the Royal Marines to test how their product can assist in Maritime Boarding Operations. A Royal Marine tested a jet suit over water and landed on HMS Tamar off the south coast of the UK. A video handout out from Gravity Industries […]

Archaeology in the New Forest, 1960s to the present

The New Forest History and Archaeology Group, formerly the New Forest Section of the Hampshire Field Club, has been carrying our archaeological investigation in the New Forest since 1961, many well-known individuals who pioneered research into the New Forest have been members. The group’s work covers a broad spectrum of site types from all parts […]

Ambulance Services Cardiovascular Quality Initiative (ASCQI)

This film was created for the INPS Vision sponsored ‘Improving Patient Access’ category of the 2012 Isle of Wight NHS Awards held in November 2012. The Ambulance Services Cardiovascular Quality Initiative (ASCQI) is a national project which aims to improve pre-hospital care for cardiovascular patients through clinician-led workshops for paramedics. Since the ASCQI project began […]

Blackgang Chine Isle of Wight 1978 Cine Reel

A absolutely fantastic cine reel of Blackgang Chine from approx 1978 from my personal collection, I poached this exquisite reel off eBay some time ago, happy to finally share with you lovely lovely people. Apologies for the watermark send me a PM if you would like a copy without it! Warm regards, Ken