Exploring Inside Abandoned Prison – HMP Camp Hill Isle of Wight

We scaled razor-wire fences and dodged security exploring inside a huge abandoned prison – HMP Camp Hill on the Isle of Wight…
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Camp Hill Prison is located on the outskirts of Newport on the Isle of Wight.
The former category C prison had capacity to hold over 500 inmates and has remained vacant held in reserve capacity by the MOJ since shutting down back in 2013.

Filmed over several undetected visits this ambitious explore takes a look inside this well guarded and huge 16 acre site for the first time since closing.

Filmed with Sony a7sii and DJI Phantom 3.
Edited and graded in Adobe Premiere Pro 2017 and I also create all my own music 🤓 (my own covers of the Escape from New York and Folsom Prison Blues were used).

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