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Camera work by Kayleigh Coulston and Team. Drone shot by The Secret Vault.

Sea Series Trailer – https://youtu.be/8Ti37aqrJAM

HISTORY – No Man’s Land Fort, also referred to as No Man’s Fort, is a sea fort in the Solent, near Portsmouth. It is one of the Palmerston Forts built between 1867 and 1880 after the recommendations of the 1859 Royal Commission. It is 200 feet in diameter,[1] and lies 1.4 miles off the coast of the IOW. Construction work began in 1865, and the fort was completed in 1880, long after the threat of a seaborne invasion from France had passed, at a cost of £462,500. In the sencond world war those serving were deliberately chosen for their inability to swim, to avoid any attempt to escape. No Man’s Land Fort is almost identical to Horse Sands Fort. It has been used as a luxury home/hospitality centre for high-paying guests – due to the privacy it offers – with an indoor swimming pool and two helipads. In July 2004, Legionella bacteria found in the hotel’s water system forced its closure. The Fort was put up for sale in 2005 and again in 2007, but the company collapsed. In March 2008, Harmesh Pooni, claiming to still be the owner, barricaded himself inside the fort in protest against the administrators KPMG.The property was eventually sold by KPMG for £910,000 in March 2009. In March 2012, it was purchased by Clarenco LLP, who also purchased Spitbank Fort and Horse Sand Fort, with the intention of refurbishing it as a hotel. The fort opened as a hotel in April 2015. In 2020, No Man’s Land Fort, Spitbank Fort and Horse Sand Fort were listed for sale. No Man’s Fort was described as a “99,000 sq ft hotel, restaurant and leisure complex on four floors, including a helipad”. This is what is left in 2021.

⚠️These forts have full and active CCTV and are Alarmed! Please do not attempt this, onsite security .

DISCLAIMER – I do not force entry into any of the sites or locations I visit. We do not commit any crimes or involve with criminal activities e.g. (Graffiti, Breaking property, Steal,etc). Myself and my team simply film and take photos for entertainment purposes.

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