New Tube Trains on the Isle of Wight

The Island Line has reopened with new old Tube Trains! Closed at the beginning of January 2021, when the old 1938 stock trains came to an end, the line reopened on November 1st 2021 with the new Class 484 ‘D Stock’ trains that have come from the Underground District Line, converted by Vivarail, and so I went for a ride to see what was new.

I did also later discover that the trains themselves have an accessibility ramp on board which can be deployed by the guard, as not all stations are staffed. Ticket wise, you might like to know that I bought a Island Line Day Ranger ticket, outrageously good value at £6.70, for unlimited travel. You can still buy tickets on board from the guard, but all the stations on the line have new ticket machines as well.

Watch the Vivarail video, by Arthur Middleton:

WIth thanks to Martin Clitheroe for additional filming and drone footage.

‘Variants’ by Harltey. Licensed from Premium Beat No. 3238922

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